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New BBC series: Portillo's State Secrets

Last year I was fortunate enough to be employed as a researcher for a new 10-part series on BBC 2 presented by ex-government minister and railway enthusiast Michael Portillo. I spent the majority of last summer at The National Archives in Kew, close to where I live, wading through files in the search for those 'golden nuggets' beloved of TV producers and - hopefully - viewers. We finally narrowed down the list to 30 documents, three per show, and these will be featured across ten episodes every weeknight for the next two weeks starting on Monday 23 March. Each episode has a rough theme, e.g Crime and Punishment, Celebrity and Scandal, Mysteries etc and while some of the documents featured will be well-known, we've also included a few surprises (even after 5 years of digging around the archives, I'm constantly suprised by what turns up!) If you're interested in any aspect of the series, please get in touch via e-mail [] or on Twitter [@tommynorton]

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